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Dog Waste Products

Tidy Up After Your Small Pup

Your dog is a faithful and playful companion who can fill your days with happiness. But at the same time, you are responsible to him and the rest of the Australian public to do your duty as a pet owner and clean up his droppings. The selection of dog waste products available on our website can help you find the accessories you need to look after your dog. At Pet Shop Direct, we stock a number of dog waste products including waste pickup products like dog poop bags and poop scoops, toilet training aids and pads for dogs and puppies, and diapers and wraps.

Always Be Prepared

Responsible owners should always be prepared with the necessary tools when walking their furry friends. A clever idea would always be to carry a few dog waste bags, and a dog waste pick up tool, with which you can easily scoop it up. But maybe your puppy is too young to be safely walked outside. In that case, you could browse our collections of puppy toilet training pads and toilet training aids. Maybe you have a female dog who gets a period or an older dog who has incontinence issues. Then you may be after a reusable or disposable diaper or wrap.

More Accessories than You Can Count

Our website is home to some of the most varied collections of pet products on the Australian market. What can you find here? Almost anything you can imagine. Does your cat need exercise, but you don't feel confident letting them loose in your backyard? Then you might be interested in a cat lead. We have large selections of products available, ranging from bird perches to hermit crab conditioners and accessories. Pet Shop Direct has great variety and good deals. We invite you to visit our site and discover the countless products we sell.

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