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Bird Treats

The Perfect Snack for Your Feathered Friends

Birds are fascinating creatures that bring joy to our lives. As pet owners, it is our responsibility to provide them with a healthy and well-balanced diet. Treats are a tasty snack for your feathered friends and can provide essential vitamins and minerals to benefit their overall health and well-being. One popular type of bird treat is the Passwell Avian Delights. These are bars which contain various seeds, grains, and dried fruits while being enriched with protein, vitamins and shell grit for calcium. They are suitable for various bird species from canaries and lorikeets to larger birds like galahs.

Goodies For Budgies

If you own a budgie, you may want to consider budgie bird treats. These treats are specifically formulated for budgies and are made with high-quality ingredients that meet their unique nutritional needs. They often contain fruits, vegetables and seeds rich in vitamins and minerals, which can help keep your budgie healthy and happy. Some treats that are ideal for small birds like budgies are French White Millets Sprays, Passwell Avian Delights for budgies and Peckish Small Bird treats.

Cockatiel Treats

Treats are a great energy source to keep your cockatiel active and engaged. Cockatiel treats contain shell grit which aids in digestion and can promote good beak health. We stock a variety of premium bird treats like nuts in shells, dried paw paw, banana and chillis. Bird treats are an essential part of a bird's diet and can benefit your feathered friends by providing quality nutrients. Whether you have a canary, lorikeet, or macaw, there are many treats available in our online store. If you are after more bird products, you may be interested in our range of bird cages, bird toys or bird swingers or bird carriers. By providing your birds with various accessories and treats, you can help keep them happy, healthy, and thriving.

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