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If you are a dog owner you know the importance of a pet shop that sells everything you need. Here at Pet Shop Direct, we offer a wide range of dog supplies to cater to you and your dog’s specific needs. Having a store which stocks a diverse range of products and has fast shipping can be vital in a fight against the unexpected. We stock grain-free, vegan, many types of kibble/ dry food and tinned food in a variety of brands. We also have treats, toys, medications and many other supplies you may need. Whether it be a new ball and quality treats or nursing and first aid supplies, we have what you need. If your vet has recommended a worming treatment, then come have a look and see the quality treatments we stock at affordable prices.

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Are you looking for a dog shop that sells all the dog products you need online in Australia? Then our website is the right place. Our dog products are designed to meet your and your pet's every need, and our staff are trained to answer any questions you may have. The selection of products on our website is diverse and ever increasing. Check back regularly to find new and updated products to try. From puppy food to nail clippers, any canine product can be found on Pet Shop Direct at a great price and in high stock.

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Our product selection doesn't just stop at accessories for your furry friend. Are you the owner of a gorgeous feline in need of a new harness or cat travel products? Then our website can present you with dozens of accessories, giving you the freedom to find exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe you have exotic animals? Then you may need a milk replacer for your possum or a couple of ferret toys for your cute but skittish friend. Pet Shop Direct is home to all the products you need, and we strive to take our service and products to the next level.



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