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Bird Toys

Bird Toys

Bird toys are used to stimulate or redirect a bird’s natural behaviours, which include foraging, chewing & preening. Anyone who has kept birds also knows they can be destructive and even resort to self-mutilating behaviours like feather plucking. This is why toys play a huge part in a birds overall health and wellbeing. These days there is a huge variety of bird toys, these include interactive bird toys, foraging bird toys, natural bird toys, as well as heavy duty large parrot toys, made for robust chewers.

A good selection of bird toys will include ladders and climbing toys which allow your bird to exercise, foraging toys which stimulate your bird’s mind, & chewing toys that satisfy a bird’s instinctive love to chew. Just ask any bird owner who's replaced window shade cords or rearranged furniture to hide gnaw marks, and they'll tell you that birds absolutely love to chew. Chewing toys allow a bird to exhibit its natural behaviours and doing this in a controlled manner is not only good for your parrot, but good for your furniture too.

We recommend having at least two sets of toys which can be rotated regularly, so that your parrots won’t get bored. Popular bird toys include our stainless steel fruit spears; these are our best seller as they turn a treat into a toy. Just kebab on pieces of fruit and attach to the top of the cage and let your parrot go wild as it forages as if it was in a tree pulling at wild fruit from a branch.

We have Australia's largest range of bird toys. Our huge range of new bird toys and large parrot toys are great for all bird species - just choose a toy that is appropriate for the size of bird you have. Green Parrot bird toys include coconut shred toys, large wood block toys for large parrots like macaws, natural loofah and vine ball toys, ergonomic perches, and swings + much more. We will be offering these at discounted wholesale prices direct to the public. So keep an eye out for our New range of Green Parrot bird toys. Not only great prices on these toys but fast shipping Australia wide, so your feathered friend dosnt have to wait long for its new toy to arrive.

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