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Bird Cages

Why Buy a Bird Cage

Bird cages offer more than just a shelter for your feathered friends. They are also great for providing security and freedom from predators, containing mess, and providing a place to explore and play. Whether you need a cage for a budgie or a large parrot, you will find the ideal cage on our website which will keep your bird happy, healthy and safe. Browse our selection of quality discounted bird and parrot cages on our online pet shop.

Benefits of Cages

There are many benefits of having a good quality bird cage. The most obvious benefit is providing a safe and secure environment for your bird. Although caging a bird may not be to everyone’s liking, it is sometimes the only way we can keep our feathered friends safe. Your bird will be protected from predators and other dangers in their durable cage. Bird cages also help to keep your home clean. Birds are messy creatures, and their cages can help to contain the mess. Cages help keep birds healthy by providing them with space to exercise and accessories to move around and play with. Make sure you choose the correct size cage for your bird as a small cage can affect your bird’s health and wellbeing. We are of the belief that when it comes to cages for our companion birds, bigger is better. A good-sized bird cage will give a bird ample room to move around & spread its wings with enough space for a range of toys.

What Accessories You Need to Include

When decorating your bird's house, there are several important accessories to include to create a comfortable and safe environment. Various sizes and shapes of bird perches should be included for your bird to stand on and exercise its feet. There should be at least one water dish and one food dish included in the cage. Birds also need shell which help it properly digest its food. If you find your bird is still messy with their food, then an enclosed feeder will be what you need. Birds need toys or wooden objects to play with and chew on to keep their mind occupied. Bird cage covers can help your bird feel safe and are ideal for overnight. At Pet Shop Direct, there are a variety of bird cages to suit you and your bird and accessories like bird toys, bird swings or bird baths.

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