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Dog Cleaning & Odour

Clean After Your Pup

Accidents are an unfortunate part of pet ownership so at some point you will need a professional dog cleaning product. Our website's range of dog cleaning products can ensure that your home will be as good as new. These products are designed to remove stains and uses pheromones to ensure that the mess doesn't happen in that spot again. Using the correct product to clean up will make a world of difference.  Our vast collections of dog accessories could be perfect for your fluffy friend, ensuring they live a happy and healthy life.

Use Our Variety of Products

There is a large range of cleaning and odour products made specifically for cleaning up your pet’s mess. From Urine Off to Masterpet, Pet Shop Direct stocks some of Australia's most popular brands specializing in quality dog cleaning products. We have plenty of products for any type of doggy accident. From disinfectants and deodorizing household sprays, to floor odour and stain remover, we have it all. You can choose between ready to use sprays and powders or concentrates to ensure you get the best option at affordable pricing.

Our Site Can Be Your Go-To Place for Pet Supplies

Whether you are looking for a dog stain and odour remover or want to purchase disinfectants to sanitize the area, you will find what your need at Pet Shop Direct. Maybe your pup needs a shiny coat and trimmed nails? Then you might be interested in our selections of dog shampoo and clippers. Or maybe you are a reptile owner and would like your cold-blooded friend to be livelier? In that case, buying some UV globes or high-quality hide-outs would be a good idea. Our website has a wide variety of products; all you have to do is discover them.

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