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Aqua One Aquis 500/700 Coarse Filter Pad 37s


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Aqua One Aquis 500/700 Coarse Filter Pad 37s

Product Description

Replacement Coarse Filter Pad for the Aquis 500/700 Canister Filters. 15 Microns .Pack of 2.

Aqua One Coarse Filter Pads are specifically designed to remove the large particles from your aquarium. Suitable for fresh and salt water aquariums.

The Coarse Filter Pad is made of high-grade pored foam so the water that passes through the pad will be cleaned of most larger particles.  

The Coarse Filter Pad will serve as a Biological and Mechanical filter, essential to the health of your aquarium.

Coarse Filter Pads should be reusable and last longer than your Fine Wool Filter Pad, however, your coarse filter pad should be replaced as soon a it loses shape. Failure to do so, will lead to particles "avoiding" the filtering process.

Tip: External/Canister Filters should be cleaned less often than most other filters. The filter media, such as filter pads and ceramic noodles should only be washed in aquarium water, and be returned to the filter as soon as possible. This will ensure the bacteria in your filter is not "cleaned out", and your aquarium remains Biologically healthy!

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