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Bono Fido Sisal Cat Pole Cat Scratcher| Enlarge

Bono Fido Sisal Cat Pole Cat Scratcher


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Bono Fido Sisal Cat Pole Cat Scratcher

Product Description

Bono Fido's Sisal Cat Pole features a scratching pole on a short fur base. Sisal Cat Pole measures 65cm high so it'll satisfy the natural vertical scratching instinct of your feline friends.

  • Grey short fur
  • Solid heavy base
  • Long pole is perfect for full scratching pleasure
  • Wide range of styles each bringing hours of enjoyment

Scratching is a natural behaviour in cats. It can be a territorial instinct by which cats place their mark and scent to establish their territory. Scratching also serves to keep your cat in shape by stretching and pulling and working the muscles of a cat's front quarters. Cats also like for the sheer pleasure. Therefore, it is important that you provide your cat with an appropriate scratching post to promote this natural behaviour as well as from help deterring them from scratching on your furniture.

Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 65cm

Colour: Grey


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