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Filta Bac Sunfilter and Antibacterial Cream 120g| Enlarge

Filta Bac Sunfilter and Antibacterial Cream 120g


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Filta Bac Sunfilter and Antibacterial Cream 120g

Filta Bac Cream contains a built in antibacterial, antiseptic and wound protectant.

It is the ultimate in animal antibacterial skin protection for:

  • wounds
  • sunburn
  • as a sunfilter

It is suitable for most animals - especially dogs, horses, cattle, sheep and goats.

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Filta Bac Sunfilter and Antibacterial Cream 120g

Product Description

Filta Bac is a protective antibacterial sunfilter cream specifically formulated for animals to correct damaged or irritated skin. Filta Bac provides a covering film that allows a wound to breath, just like real skin. It is particularly good for cuts, abrasions and wounds that pets get. It also has the added benefit of being a sun filter.

Filta Bac is an oil-in-water cream emulsion with an extremely high content of Titanium Dioxide (Pharmaceutical Grade). When this is applied as a reasonably thick cover protection, the continuous phase of the film is water and so allows the film to create a Natural Skin effect.

The inclusion of an antibacterial minimises or prevents the invasion or growth of bacteria. The optimising of the preservative factor in the cream allows the film coating to function as a protective and active barrier while in place on the damaged area.

The coating and adhesion function of the Titanium Dioxide is inert and does not effect the normal growth of damaged skin or tissue.

For maximum skin protection, a visible film should be applied and re-applied two or three times daily.

For Use on Horses, Dogs, Cattle, Sheep and Goats.

Dosage and Administration

Sun filter  
Horses, dogs, cattle, sheep, goats: Apply a thin layer each morning to exposed areas. Apply up to 3 times daily when required. 

Anti-bacterial and antiseptic
Apply a covering layer to damaged skin areas at least daily until healed. For dairy animals with teat and udder sores, remove any remaining Filta-Bac before milking by bathing area with warm water and mild soap, and rinse well. Apply Filta-Bac to sores immediately after milking.

Wound protection
Apply a covering layer to cuts, including saddle and girth sores in horses, at least daily until healed. Clean the affected area, removing any excess serum with antiseptic solution or mild soap and water and rinse well before applying Filta-Bac.


Active Constituents (per g):

Titanium Dioxide           140mg
Zinc Oxide                    80mg
Cetrimide                       3mg
Benzalkonium Chloride    0.8mg

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