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Fluval Sea Salt Water Levered Hydrometer


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Fluval Sea Salt Water Levered Hydrometer

Product Description

Fluval Hydrometer accurately measures specific gravity and salt level in aquariums. Can be used in or out of the aquarium. 


1. Rinse the hydrometer in fresh water.

2. Fill the hydrometer by submerging it into the aquarium.

3. For permanent reading, simply press the unit against the inside glass in a convenient location. If you see air bubbles on the armature, gently tap it to remove the,.

4. For out of aquarium readings, remove the hydrometer, gentle tap on a solid surface to dislodge any air bubbles from the armature.

5. After use, empty the hydrometer and rinse with freshwater.

6. It is strongly recommended to regularly test specific gravity. Stable salinity levels are essential for the health of marine fish and invertebrates. 


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