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Green Parrot Flexi Ladder 75cm| Enlarge

Green Parrot Flexi Ladder 75cm


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Green Parrot Flexi Ladder 75cm

Product Description

Green Parrot Bird Flexi Ladder (75cm) is a colourful physical climbing and swinging enrichment for your bird. Climbing is an essential exercise and the primary movement for all caged and aviary birds, and often those feathered friends who spend time out of the cage with clipped wings. Providing a variety of climbing challenges for your parrot improves physical and mental wellbeing, reduces boredom and offers mental stimulation to your feathered friend. With double clips on both ends, the Green Parrot Flexi Ladder is both secure and allows swinging movement as your parrot climbs and plays.  

Suitable for Birds such as Cockatiels, Lorikeets, Indian Ringnecks, Conures, or similar sized Birds

Green Parrot Bird Flexi Ladder - 9 Steps

Dimensions: 75 cmL x 13.5 cmW x 1.5 cmD (when fully extended).


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