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Herm Sprenger Silent Dog Whistle


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Herm Sprenger Silent Dog Whistle

Product Description

A high quality silent dog training whistle made in Germany.

The human ear can hear only a quite high pitched note, but the dog can pick up this sound at a distance of up to 400 yards, according to the direction and strength of the wind. Adjustment is made by turning the screw after removal of the cover. During training it is important the same pitch of note is always maintained. This can be aceived by use of the locking nut fitted on the adjustment screw ensuring this does not move whilst carried in the pocket or in use. The plastic cover will protect the whistle from dust when carried in the pocket. Some conditioning work is recommended for whistle training dogs.

Key features of this Training Whistle:

  • screw for tone adjustment
  • locking nut for fixing the tone
  • plastic cover
  • high pitched note heared by the dog
  • steel nickel plated

Approximate Length: 8cm


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