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Kazoo Guillotine Nail Clipper


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Kazoo Guillotine Nail Clipper

Product Description

Kazoo Guillotine Nail Clipper is an easy tool to use to cut your dog's nails. It is essential to trim your dog's nails frequently as they always continue to grow. Walking on hard surfaces will naturally file your pet's nails so trimming may be done less often. If your dog often walks on soft surfaces such as grass their nails will need to be cut more regularly. Your dog will also be more comfortable with you trimming its nails if it is done more often. 

 There are two types of dog nail trimmers; Guillotine and scissors. The Guillotine works by inserting the dog's nail into the hole and grasping the trimmer sides together which will trim the nail. Ensure you keep your nail trimmers clean to expand their lifespan. 

Some dogs have light nails and others have dark nails. Trimming light nails are usually much easier as you can see the "quick" inside the nail. Cutting the quick can cause the nails to bleed. It is best to cut darker nails slower and cut smaller pieces at a time to avoid the nails bleeding. 

If you accidently cut the vein or quick it is recommended to use Styptic Powder to stop the bleeding. 

Colour: Green/Grey


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