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Masterpet Yours Droolly Toilet Training Aid 50mL


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Masterpet Yours Droolly Toilet Training Aid 50mL

  • Toilet Training Aid is a puppy toilet training aid for indoor or outdoor use.
  • The special odour of Toilet Training Aid attracts puppies and encourages elimination at the spot you choose.
  • Toilet Training Aid is completely non-toxic and biodegradable. It is best used in conjunction with puppy training pads.
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Masterpet Yours Droolly Toilet Training Aid 50mL

Product Description

Masterpet Yours Droolly Toilet Training Aid will help make toilet training easier. Specially formulated with a unique combination of odoriferous compounds to attract your puppy and encourage them to urinate at the spot that you have chosen.

  • Simple & effective
  • Encourages good behaviour
  • Protects carpets, floors and fabrics
  • Dog safe, naturally

Directions for Use:

Position a Training Pad on the floor and apply a few drops of Toilet Training Aid. Allow your puppy to sniff and keep them close to the pad until they urinate. Repeat every few hours.

Important: Always praise your puppy's good behaviour with a little treat. Persistence is required to create the proper behaviour.


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