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Pond One PondMaster 2300 Fountain Pump


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Pond One PondMaster 2300 Fountain Pump

Product Description

The Pondmaster Fountain Pump has been manufactured with advanced technology to provide you with the best quality pump for aquariums, fountains, ponds, hydroponics and irrigation.

The Pondmaster is completely submersible and features a compact design. The pump is easy to set up and has quiet and efficient operation. The Pondmaster comes with a 10 metre cable and has three fountain head sets including a mushroom head, a single tier fountain head and a double tier fountain head.

Pondmaster is suitable for use in:

  • Indoor and outdoor ponds
  • Cascades and waterfalls
  • Fountains and statues
  • Small ornaments and wall fountains
  • Hydroponic systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Fresh/Salt water aquariums

Max. 2200L/hr
Max. Lift 2.20m
Voltage 240V

Recommended to use with Pond One Prefilter Sponge PM1500 (sold separately) to reduce the stress on the pump, increase filtration, as well as providing a greater surface area to support beneficial bacteria to enhance the break down of harmful fish waste such as ammonia and nitrite. 


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