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Roban Rodenticide Blocks 1kg


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Roban Rodenticide Blocks 1kg

Roban Rodenticide Blocks 1kg is a ready-to-use bait for the control of brown or Norway rats and mice, while being much safer to use around dogs and cats.

The rodenticide Blocks are made from a highly palatable food grade wheat flour with oats and milk protein, held together with edible waxes. They contain the anticoagulant, difenacoum which is lethal to rats and mice, including those resistant to other anticoagulants.

Roban Rodenticide has very low secondary poisoning rates, due to the active anticoagulant. A dog would have to consume its own body weight in baits while a cat would need to consume twice its body weight to receive a fatal dose. The blocks also contain a bittering agent, bitrix to prevent children from accidentally consuming.

Active Constituents:
0.05 g/kg DIFENACOUM

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