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Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad



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Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad

Product Description

Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad holds heat for up to 10 hours once heated in a microwave. Microwave times are stipulated on the heat pad. The heat will literally last all night!

No need to fill from kettle & hence minimizes risk of scalding. SnuggleSafe is SGS tested for pet safety.

How does it work? It contains a gel called Thermapol which is non-toxic and able to sustain heat when microwaved. It can last up to 10 hours when placed in cover or under the pet’s blanket.

Why is the shell not made of rubber like a hot water bottle? The shell is made of polypropylene. A durable, hygienic, bite resistant & non-expanding safe material. It’s much safer than an ‘oldfashion’ rubber hot water bottle, or granary wheat bag.

How long should I microwave it for? Look at the heat times printed on the SnuggleSafe heat pad & instructions. For example 6 minutes is adequate in an 800 watt microwave. 

Can you overheat it? If you over microwave the SnuggleSafe® heatpad. It will collapse safely. Allow it to cool and then dispose of the product appropriately. 

How many times can you use the SnuggleSafe® heatpad? If used daily we recommend changing it every three years. This is stated on the outside of the heatpad. It is SGS tested for pet safety. SGS is a respected testing house that ensures products performs to their design and purpose. 

Which applications is it recommended for? Because It is totally mobile and has no wires, plugs etc. It is ideal for animal breeders (puppies/kittens), transportation carriers, kennels/catteries, Veterinary application, car/caravan, shows(e.g.Crufts,Cat Shows), external small animal (rabbits) hutches, older arthritic animals, or just simply the comfort of pets in the home! 

Can you harm ananimals with a heat pad? It is designed to give steady warmth over 10 hours (constant 56° Cover 5-6hours). We recommend you always have a barrier e.g. cosy cover or blanket, between the animal and the SnuggleSafe® heat pad.

•The SnuggleSafe is hygienic, quick and easy to use.

•The SnuggleSafe is bite resistant.

•Hot water bottles draw heat from the body once they have cooled. When the SnuggleSafe cools to room temperature you can remicrowave and benefit from prolonged warmth time & time again.

•Every SnuggleSafe comes with a washable cozy cover.

•Unlike the SnuggleSafe, Wheatbags must be kept damp to prevent combustion. Because of this, wheatbags do have a tendency to go mouldy & therefore can smell bad. The SnuggleSafe needs no special attention as long as it is used as per instructions contained in packet.

•Wheatbags are not washable, unlike the SnuggleSafe which is hygienic & easy to use time & time again.

Size: approx 22cm diameter


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