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Sprenger Chrome Chain - Medium-Heavy 2.5mm x 45cm| Enlarge

Sprenger Chrome Chain - Medium-Heavy 2.5mm x 45cm


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Sprenger Chainware has a well deserved Worldwide reputation for quality, longevity & affordability; to be sure you are buying a genuine Sprenger product look for the quality mark "HS - Germany" stamped into each ring & swivel. Sprenger's quality control starts with the right choice of steel wire, their specifications are very strict, the wire must satisfy their stringent strength & flexibility requirements. The wire is electro-welded into the raw chains which are constantly checked for breaking strain before plating.

Sprenger's Chrome plating process is noted for its brilliant & durable surface, how do they do it? Whereas other manufacturers only dip the chains before plating, Sprenger uses a different procedure of mirror-bright polishing followed by dipping to remove non-metallic oils & greases from the chains. The advantage of this polishing is that the surface becomes much smoother and has a special bright shine, it is only then that it is first nickel then chrome plated; the grip of the nickel layer is tested by "bending" before the chains are finally chromium plated

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