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Aquamanta EFX 800U/1000U Phosphate Pad (2 Pack) 007s| Enlarge

Aquamanta EFX 800U/1000U Phosphate Pad (2 Pack) 007s


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Aquamanta EFX 800U/1000U Phosphate Pad (2 Pack) 007s

Product Description

Replacement Phoshate removal pads for AquaManta 800U/1000U External Power Filter

High Performance Phosphate Removal Pads:
  • Suitable for Salt and fresh water aquariums
  • Removes unwanted phosphates to reduce algae and slime growth
  • Reduces aquarium maintenance
Phos Pad maintenance:
All Phosphate reducing media should be replaced every 4-6 weeks to ensure continued water quality and effectiveness. For best results always use genuine AquaManta replacement parts
Your Phosphate Removal Pad removes unwanted phosphates from the water helping to eliminate algae and slime growth in the aquarium. It improves water quality and reduces maintenance requirements.

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