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Troy Calcium Syrup 1 Litre


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Troy Calcium Syrup replaces Novartis Calcium Syrup (Sandoz)

Troy Calcium Syrup contains the SAME ingredients as Novartis Calcium Sandoz.

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Troy Calcium Syrup 1 Litre

Product Description

Troyl Calcium Syrup is for Dietary supplement for use as an aid in the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency in dogs and cats.

Troy Calcium Syrup ontains Essential mineral which promotes remineralisation of the bone in calcium deficiency and disorders of calcium metabolism.

For dogs and cats. Also suitable for birds.

Active Constituent:

Calcium (as Calcium Glubionate and Calcium Lactobionate) 22mg/mL 


Give twice daily, orally or mixed with food. All meat diets are not recommended unless under VETERINARY SUPERVISION.

Type of Diet   Dogs, mL/ 5kg weight   Cats, mL per animal
Growing Pups Pregnant & lactating bitches Growing Kittens Pregnant & lactating bitches
1/3 meat & dry food 5-8mL 5-15mL 3mL 5mL
Dry food only 5mL 5-10mL 0.5mL-1mL 1.5-2.5m
1/3 can food & 2/3 dry food 5mL 5-10mL 1-1.5mL 2.5-3.5mL
Can food only 5-8mL 5mL 1.5-2.5mL 3-4mL

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