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WAG Dog Treats

The Wonders of Wild Treats: Nature's Chewy Treasures

Hey, fellow fur-parents! Isn't it something when nature provides the best treats? That's exactly what we've discovered with WAG Dog Treats. From calcium-packed deer antlers that are a chewy delight to rugged kangaroo tendons perfect for the heavy chewer, nature truly knows best. Have you tried giving your furball WAG jerky dog treats or WAG goat horns? They're not just tasty but packed with nutrients and all the good stuff Mother Nature offers.

Why Go Natural?

Apart from the clear yum factor, these natural treasures are perfect for dental health. Imagine a toothbrush and floss rolled into one delicious treat! Plus, with treats like shark skin, you're also introducing unique textures that help exfoliate and clean those canine chompers. When you choose WAG treats for dogs, you're tapping into an age-old tradition of letting dogs enjoy primal pleasures but with a modern, health-conscious twist. WAG Dog Treats are healthy and natural dog treats made in Australia. These treats are sustainably sourced with no preservatives, additive, colours or flavours. WAG treats are single protein and grain-free. Choose from a wide range of tasty and healthy treats that your dog will love!

Our Promise: More than Just Treats

While treats make tails wag, we know there's more to pet parenting. That’s why our online store is stocked with everything your pup needs. From Dog Behavioural and Dog Cleaning & Odour solutions, to chich Dog Collar-Harness-Lead sets, Dog Clippers and snug Dog Coats & Vests - we've got it all! With fast delivery, a team of experienced pet people, and high stock levels, we’re here to ensure your pet shopping experience is top-notch. So, whether it's the variety of WAG Dog Treats or our plethora of other products, you're bound to find something paw-some! Keep those tails wagging and whiskers twitching!

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