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Harrisons Organic Bird Food

Why feed Pellets? Pelletised foods have the major benefit of having balanced nutrition. Trying to replicate a bird’s natural diet can be tricky. Most parrots require fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as well as minerals & grit to aid digestion. This is where pelletised foods like Harrisons Organic come into their own. Birds can’t pick and choose only the seeds they like or that are high in fat. With Pellets every pellet is formulated for optimal nutrition.

I feed Bird Seed, why should I feed Pellets? Birds will tend to pick out their favourite seed out of seed blends and toss the rest onto the floor of the cage. The larger parrots are usually going after sunflower. This High Fat Seed is used to make oil. So if you’re only feeding sunflower, you’re pretty much feeding your bird oil. This can lead to a whole lot of health problems. Feather loss or feather plucking and obesity in parrots are all issues that can be linked to birds being fed a sunflower seed diet high in fat.

Harrisons Organic Pellets Formulated by Vets and Avian Nutritionists

Harrisons Bird Foods are formulas that provide proper nutrition for your bird’s lifetime care. Nutrition is the single most important thing you can do for your bird’s health and wellbeing. Harrison’s Bird Foods are certified organic, natural formulated diets that were created by avian veterinarians and top avian nutritionists to provide a complete and balanced diet for captive birds. These formulas require little or no supplementation. We have seen a big change in bird nutrition over the past 10 years, and Harrison’s has been at the forefront. People want natural foods, using quality ingredients to feed their companion birds. You will notice the difference and positive health benefits that come from feeding an organic natural balanced diet.

Harrisons High Potency or Harrisons Lifetime?

Harrisons Organic bird foods come in High Potency or Lifetime formulas. High potency is used for the first 6 month during conversion from seed based diets to a pelletised diet. It has a higher fat and protein level to help adjust the birds onto a pelletised diet. After 6 months of feeding on High Potency most species of birds can be moved onto the Lifetime Formula. This has slightly lower levels of fat and protein and is a more balanced diet for the remainder of the bird’s life.

Harrisons also makes a highly palatable treat called Power Treats. These are great for treating your parrot and used to encourage bonding between you and your bird. Power treats can also be fed as a conversion food when transitioning birds from seed based diets.

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