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Taste of the Wild

Taste Of The Wild

Taste Of The Wild Dog Food offer a range of Super Premium Grain Free Formulas for dogs of all breeds and ages. Bringing out the inner wolf, Taste Of The Wild Dog food uses natural whole meat proteins from, Salmon, Bison, Lamb, Ocean Fish, Venison, Duck, Turkey, Quail, Chicken and Wild Bore. Taste Of The Wild Dog food is highly digestable due to the high quality real meat proteins used in its formulas. It also uses K9 Strain Probiotics that are derived from bacteria strains found it the canine GI tract that are proven to survive in dogs digestive systems. Taste of the wild is highly recommended for dogs that are prone to skin issues or allergies that can be attributed to grain based diets. Available in Two Puppy Formulas - Taste Of The Wild Grain Free Pacific Stream Puppy & Grain Free High Prairie Puppy & Five Adult Formulas, Grain Free Pacific Stream Adult, Grain Free Pacific Stream Adult, Grain Free Wild Seirra Mountain Formula, Grain Free Wild Wetlands Formula & Grain Free Southwest Canyon Wild Bore Formula. Made in the USA. Taste Of The Wild Canine formulas are now available from Pet Shop Direct. Fast Shipping Australia Wide.

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