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Take Care of Your Dog’s Dental Health

Being a responsible pet owner means you may be interested in the latest accessories that can enhance the physical wellness of your pup. Dog dental tools are essential as they are the only way to safeguard your dog from severe dental problems in old age. Dog dental cleaning tools come in many different forms and are suitable for older canines and small puppies who have not yet lost their baby teeth. You can find anything you are looking for on our website.

Find the Right Tool for the Job

Our website's selection of dental accessories is massive, and the products we sell suit all budgets. Similar to humans, one of the best options to clean your dog’s teeth is a toothpaste and toothbrush. Toothbrushes come in different sizes for different ages. If you find your dog is scared of the toothbrush, then a finger brush might be the best option for you. Toothpaste comes in different flavours that your pup will be sure to love. If your dog has plaque buildup or you want a great way to prevent it, then you may be interested in plaque powders and water additives. These are a convenient way of maintaining your dog’s oral hygiene especially if you don’t have the time to brush their teeth.

Browse Our Vast Collection of Pet Accessories

Our website offers all the dental products your dog needs. However, this is just a small portion of the impressive catalogue of products and accessories we sell. Do you have a cat that is super clumsy? Then you might be interested in purchasing a nursing & first aid kit from Pet Shop Direct. Or maybe you want them to have access to both indoors and outdoors at their freewill, the you will want to look at cat doors. Do you have an energetic puppy that's constantly patrolling your home? In that case, you might be interested in our puppy pens & gates selection. Or maybe your dog is quite old, and you need some pet ramps & steps to enhance its comfort. Whatever you need, we probably have it. We are always updating our collection, so it you cant find what your looking for check back later and it may be there!

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