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Lorikeet Food

What Should You Know About Lorikeets Nutritional Requirements?

When it comes to birds, few are as colourful and exciting as a Lorikeet, and the uniqueness of this bird extends to the type of food necessary for their proper development. Lorikeet food differs from the seed mixes found in most pet shops, as their nutrition demands fruits, nectar and pollen. A lorikeets diet should be composed of fresh fruit, pollen and occasional treats like celery sticks or lettuce. You can also find lorikeet food in pellet form, which is an alternative way to provide your bird with the necessary daily intake of vitamins and minerals without the mess and waste.

What’s Unique about Lorikeets?

In the wild lorikeets feed on blossoms and foliage, meaning they eat nectar and pollen rather than seeds making them different from other birds found in Australian homes. Nectar provides lorikeets with energy while pollen provides protein and other nutrients. The lorikeets brightly coloured feathers make them easily spotted amongst the Australian foliage. You will mostly find them eating brightly coloured flowers such as grevilleas and banksias. Want to strive towards a balanced diet for your nectar-eating friend? Then mimicking their natural diet with the Wombaroo lorikeet & honeyeater food may be a good option. The selection of brands on our website is vast and growing daily.

Why Get a Lorikeet?

Lorikeets are exotic birds with beautiful plumage that can brighten up any room. Their personalities are unique in the avian world, and they can form strong bonds with their caregivers. Lorikeets are intelligent and vocal animals, and their high life expectancy makes them ideal pets for people who want a companion for many years to come. Because you're likely to form such a close bond with your bird, you'll probably want spoil them with accessories. Therefore, we invite you to visit our website and browse our collections of bird treat holders, deworming medication, disinfectants, or carriers.

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