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Grain-Free vs. Grain-Inclusive Cat Foods: Debunking the Myth

Hey there, fellow cat parents! It's time to unravel the grain-free vs. grain-inclusive cat food debate. Like any good cat lover, I am sure you have come across the debate about grains online when trying to find the best food for your furry friend. Cat lovers are divided when trying to find the best foods for their cat. Here are the basics: Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they need a meat-based diet in order to survive and they cannot digest or obtain the nutrients they need from plants (grains). Therefore, it is thought that grains in cat food act as fillers and provide nothing nutritional. However, since becoming domesticated, cats have developed the ability to process grains to an extent. Thus, grains can be beneficial as they are a rich source of essential nutrients, are cost effective and sustainable.

The Grain Dilemma: To Grain or Not to Grain

So now you know about the grain-free vs. grain-inclusive debate, it is up to you to decide which way to go. While both options can keep your furry friend happy and healthy, a grain-free diet like Ivory Coat can be ideal for cats with specific allergies or sensitivities. They can also improve health issues like skin and digestive problems. Ivory Coat as a range of high-quality Grain free cat and kitten formulas which have meat as the number one ingredient. They also include grain free complex carbohydrates and fibre for a healthy gut and superfoods as a source of antioxidants. Ivory Coat cat food is a complete and balanced diet, and a great option if you decide grain free is the way to go!

Balanced Nutrition

The key here is balanced nutrition. Regardless of your choice, it is essential that the cat food you choose meets your cat's dietary requirements. High-quality products by known brands, like Ivory Coat, will ensure your cat has the highest quality ingredients necessary to live a happy and healthy life. In conclusion, the grain-free vs. grain-inclusive cat food debate isn't one-size-fits-all. But if you decide to offer your feline friend a grain-free diet, then Ivory Coat is a great option. Browse our store and find everything you need to care for your cat, like cat worming, cat care, or cat grooming products.

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