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Bird Seed

How to Deliver Your Bird’s Nutritional Needs

Birds are highly intelligent pets who live long lives, however in order to enjoy their company for as long as possible, it is necessary to offer them a high-quality diet. A quality bird seed blend is free of mould, dust, and other unfavourable elements and is produced by an experienced company such as Avigrain. Our range of bird seeds come in various sizes and are created to meet your feathery friends’ nutritional needs. Seeds for all species of birds can be found on our website at affordable prices.

Why Keep Birds as Pets?

Because they are intelligent and playful animals that can easily fit into any family. Birds are easy to care for and a great pet for children. Owning a pet bird is very rewarding experience as they are highly sociable and create amazing bonds with their owners. They are super easy to train and are great for people living in apartments where you’re not allowed a cat or dog. We have a large variety of seeds available on our website, so you can always find what you're looking for.

Choose Whatever You Want

Pet Shop Direct can be the place you go to find what you need for your feathered friend. Our range of seed includes premium mixes for birds small and large as well as seed and fruit mixes. You will also find plain seeds so you can mix and match to create the ideal blend for your specific bird. However, our collection continues beyond there. From fish filters, aquariums, and air pumps, to cat behavioural tools, our website is home to all the pet accessories you’ll ever need, and our catalogue is constantly changing and increasing to reflect the tastes of our customers.

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