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Taste of the Wild Cat

Decoding the Ancestral Feline Diet

Ahoy, feline enthusiasts! Ever wondered if there’s a way to take our beloved cats on a culinary journey back to their ancestral roots? Well, with Taste of the Wild Cat, we’re doing just that. Bringing them closer to the wild feline DNA they still carry. Every purr, playful chase and those laser-focused hunting eyes remind us that domestic cats aren’t so far removed from their wild ancestors. And what's the best way to honour that? By ensuring their plate mirrors the diet of the wild! The recipes are developed by Veterinarians, Scientists and Animal Nutritionists that share the belief that dogs and cats share DNA with wild cats.

From the Canyons to the Mountains – A Flavour Adventure

While they lounge on our laps or chase that laser pointer, it's easy to forget the wild lineage within our feline friends. Dive deep into the flavours with Taste of the Wild Canyon River cat food – think freshwater trout and salmon in an irresistible recipe. Or, if your kitty craves a meatier blend, the Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain cat food offers a mix of roasted venison and smoked salmon. Mmm, talk about whisker-licking good! With every bite of Taste of the Wild Cat, they get a holistic, grain-free meal brimming with the rich essence of natural antioxidants, Omega Oils, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin. It’s like a wild cat carnival on their taste buds!

Why Shop with Us? The Kitty Kingdom Awaits!

Beyond the delicious Taste of the Wild Cat food, our pet haven is designed for all things feline. Nestled in our online store’s pages, a world of cat wonders awaits. Want speedy delivery? We’re on it! Our team of experienced pet professionals will ensure your kitty's favourites are always in stock. And it's not just about food! From playful cat toys and cozy cat beds to essential cat litter trays & boxes, your cat's whims and fancies are covered. Treat your feline to a bit more? Check out our variety of cat treats and premium cat litter. After all, your kitty deserves the royal treatment!

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