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Vegan Dog Food

Why Balance is Key in Vegan Food

Ever wondered about diving into the vegan trend and trying Vegan Dog Food? We totally get it. With all the buzz around vegan dog food, it's essential to zoom in on the nutritional facts. Like any diet, the vegan dog food journey is all about balance. We're not just talking calories here; we're diving deep into vitamins and minerals to ensure our furry pals live their best lives. Vegan Dog Foods meet all nutritional requirements as established by the American Feed Control Official’s (AAFCO) and contain essential vitamins and minerals to maintain good health.

Navigating the Dog Food Aisle

Browsing our website, you'll find a smorgasbord of choices, from vegan canned dog food to vegan dry dog food. But here's the deal: not all vegan foods are created equal. While many pack a punch with essential nutrients, it's crucial to understand what each product offers. We're on a mission to handpick only the best, ensuring that every bite your pup takes is delicious and brimming with all the good stuff they need. Pet Shop Direct offers a large range of Vegan dog food products. This includes dry kibble such as Biopet Vegan, VeganPet and V-Planet as well as wet foods in the VeganPet brand. We also offer a range of vegan dog treats such as VeganPet treats, Black Dog Sweet Potato, Whimzees, Rascals, Pawsome and many more.

Our Promise to Your Pooch

We get it; there's a lot to consider. But that's why we're here! We've got a dedicated team, passionate about bringing you and your fur baby the best options in Vegan Dog Food. Because at the end of the day, a happy, healthy pup munching on their favourite, healthy vegan food is what makes our tails wag, too! Along with your vegan food, you may want to spoil your pup with dog grooming products and dog shampoos for healthy fur. You can order these from our store and our packing team will ensure they arrive quickly. Our experienced team can also give you advise on the best dog health care products, or Dog Nursing & First Aid products. Paws and love, always!

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