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Vetafarm Parrot Pellets

Why Feed Quality Pellets to Your Bird?

Parrots are intelligent animals that need meticulous care to enjoy a long and carefree life. For this reason, as a responsible pet owner, you want to feed them the best food available. Vetafarm is an Australian owned pet food company that is based in Wagga Wagga NSW. Vetafarm have developed a large range of high quality products formulated to provide optimal health & nutrition for birds and other small animals. Vetafarm manufactures a wide range of quality parrot pellets, some of these include Maintenance Diets, Nutriblend Pellets & Breeder Pellets. They also have a range of specialised bird diets like South American Mix, Macaw Nuts, Paradise Pellets, Nectar Pellets, Finch & Canary Crumbles, & a Neonate Formula for rearing young chics. Vetafarm Bird Foods contain all the nutrients, essential vitamins & minerals needed for strong & healthy pet birds.

What to Look for in Bird Pellets?

First, you should look for bird food containing a concise list of ingredients. Go for bird food, such as Vetafarm pellets, with a high percentage of fruits and nuts that can ensure your bird gets that daily nutritional requirements to keep them happy and healthy. A popular option is Vetafarm Parrot essentials has plenty of essential vitamins, whole grains, and raw proteins, which can give your parrot the daily energy it needs. Why pellets? Because they offer a complete and balanced diet without the need to supplement.

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