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Vets All Natural

A Journey Through Dog Food Evolution

Hey, fellow dog lovers! Today, our canine pals are spoiled with food brands like Vets All Natural, but back in the day, they ate whatever we could scrap together - leftovers, maybe some raw meat if they were lucky. But hey, have times changed! We've been on a fascinating journey, diving deep into the world of canine nutrition. Our furry friends have always deserved the best, but only recently have we truly started understanding what "the best" means. This is also the philosophy behind Vets All Natural complete mix dog food. For this brand, dog food is more than just filling their bowls; it's about nourishing their souls.

Homemade or Store-bought? Our Take

So, here's the million-dollar question: homemade or store-bought? We've all done our homework, and we know that there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Some of our fur babies thrive on that special home-cooked meal, while others do just peachy with our carefully formulated store grub. The magic is in the balance and knowing what works for your pup. In the wild, canines and felines eat muscle meat, organ meat and the vegetable matter from the gut of their prey animal. Complete Mix mimics the gut content and when mixed with meat, makes a balanced natural diet. Vets All Natural is an Australian made, natural dog muesli created to be mixed with raw meat to make a fully balanced and nutritious diet. Vets all Natural mimics the natural fruit and vegetable content found in wild prey animals. It's perfect for dogs on a raw food diet.

The Future's Looking Tasty!

Hold onto your leashes because the future of dog food is looking oh-so-exciting! From superfoods to sustainable choices, Vets All Natural is always on the hunt for the next best thing for our pups. As we look forward, we're not just thinking about the food in the bowl but the love and memories that come with every bite of Vets All Natural dog food. And speaking about dog bowls, you can find the best products for your furry friend in our store. After all, our dogs give us their best every day; it's only fair to spoil them with little things like dog toys, dog treats and cozy dog beds. Here's to more wagging tails and yummy meals!

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