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Spoil Your Fish with the Best Selection on the Market

Fish are great pets and can be ideal for many people due to their low maintenance once your tank is set up. They can be the focal point of any room. However, fish need various accessories in order to stay healthy such as air pumps, filters and heaters. At Pet Shop Direct we have a range of Air pumps to suit your fish tank requirements. Choose between a variety of air pumps from reputable brands. Are you looking for the quietest air pump on the market? Then the Aqua One Stella Air pumps are what you need. Or maybe you need an air pump with multiple outlets? Then you will be interested in the Bioscape Tropic Quad Air Pump. We also stock battery air pumps which are ideal in case of emergencies, transporting fish or power outages. Pet Shop Direct is the best destination for all your fish supply needs, and our website is constantly updated to meet the requirements of your fishy friends.

Look for the Best Quality

To prosper, fish need specific accessories, and by choosing high quality products you can provide your beloved fish with a healthy environment. Air pumps push out air bubbles which oxygenate the water and lead to a healthier environment for fish, plants and beneficial bacteria which helps fish to fight infection. Air pumps also agitate the water’s surface allowing excess carbon dioxide to escape. Fish air pumps increase water circulation and therefore the overall appearance of the aquarium. There are many ornaments available such as clams, ships, skulls and volcanoes which work with air pumps to create extra fascination for both you and your fish. Are you looking for a specific product? Then we probably have it, and our friendly staff are always ready to answer your questions.

Our Website Has Everything You Need

Are you looking for a specific type of fish tank air pump? Maybe one that’s battery operated or has multiple outputs? Then our website is the ideal place to browse. But Pet Shop Direct isn't just known for products aimed at fishy friends. We are also home to every type of pet supply imaginable. Are you a cat owner looking for new cat accessories? Then our massive variety of cat toys, beds, treats and behavioural tools might be right up your alley. Our prices are unbeatable, and our catalogue is constantly updated and improved to meet your requirements.

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