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Our online pet shop was created out of our passion and love for pets, and this continues to be at the heart of everything Pet Shop Direct stands for. Our online store features some of the most varied selections of heated dog beds on the Australian market, and our offerings are regularly updated to keep in tune with the latest technological advances. Why should you buy a heated dog bed? In short, They are a versatile accessory that can enhance your pup's comfort and reduce the pain associated with arthritis and muscle pain.

Warmth Means Comfort

Heated dog beds are ideal for older dogs experiencing joint problems. The comfort and safety provided by a heated bed are invaluable. A heated orthopedic dog bed can soothe your companion's muscles and thus reduce inflammation and severe pain. Sometimes, heated beds may be the only way a dog can rest. They are great for the winter time and cold nights. Heated beds are an effective, versatile, and practical solution by which you can enhance your dog's comfort. And, after all, our dog's well-being is the only thing that should matter. If you want to keep your pet’s favorite bed but want to provide them some warmth, then a pet bed warmer is the way to go.

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Our range of products continues beyond heated beds. Do you have more exotic animals, such as bearded dragons? Then you might be interested in our food selection crafted explicitly for their nutritional requirements. Are you the proud owner of a beautiful parrot? Then we invite you to look at our collections of premium bird foods. Or maybe you are passionate about fish, and you are in the market for aquarium plant care solutions and breeding accessories. Whatever you're looking for, Pet Shop Direct has the answer to your questions, and our catalog is constantly expanding, taking note of your precious feedback.

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