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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hay

Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy

We all want our pets to be happy and healthy, so it is important to know how to look after them and the products they need. A rabbits and guineas pigs’ diet should include around 80% hay with 10% being from dark leafy greens with the rest being a small number of pellets each day. It is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of the food you give them. Healthy nutrition automatically leads to a more robust immune system, fewer vet bills and a longer lifespan. Pet Shop Direct is home to the best hays for rabbits on the Australian market, and our products are carefully selected to meet the nutritional needs of your fluffy friend.

Why Invest in Premium Hay?

At first glance, hay may seem like a type of food that should not be given too much importance. But premium foods and hay are essential for the healthy development of your pet. Having the correct balance of high fiber, low protein and low calcium is best way to keep their gastrointestinal tract functioning properly, increasing their lifespan. Oxbow is a world leader in small animal nutrition, with Western Timothy hay being one of their best sellers due to its composition and numerous health benefits. If you have a rabbit and guinea pig and want the best for them, then it is a great idea to have a look on our website. We can provide you the best hays and accessories for your small animal.

Invest in Other Products

Do you own more than just rabbits and guinea pigs? Then our website is the right place to be. Our collections are carefully selected to correspond to the needs of even the pickiest animals, and our low prices are unbeatable. Are you the owner of a hairless cat that constantly gets into trouble? Then you might want to look at our nursing and first aid kits. Are you looking for electric clippers? In that case, we've got you covered. Or maybe you're a fish owner looking for premium food or filters. Whatever products you need, Pet Shop Direct is the perfect place to find them. We're constantly looking for ways to improve our service, and our product catalogue grows daily.

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