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Meals For Meows

Limited Ingredient Diets: A Simple Solution for Cat Allergies

At Pet Shop Direct, we're all about giving your furry friends the best, starting with their diet. While some cats will be okay with any cat food, some cats require particular diets due to allergies and sensitivities. The best way to combat these issues is limited ingredient diets with high quality ingredients and free from common allergens. Meals for Meows does exactly that. The formulations come in a range of protein sources which are suitable for your sensitive friend. Meals for Meows does not include corn, wheat, soy, dairy, beef and chicken, which are known allergens for many pets. Proteins like kangaroo, salmon, turkey and duck are far less likely to be the cause of sensitivities. By feeding your cat Meals for Meows, you can safely eliminate any culprits causing those pesky allergies.

Keeping It Simple

But Meals for Meows isn’t just great for cats with allergies and sensitivities, it’s the ideal cat food for all felines. The simple and limited ingredients mean your cat is getting exactly what they need with no fillers. Every bag of Meals for Meows will ensure your furry friend receives healthy omega oils, prebiotics and high-quality organic proteins which have been fortified with vitamins and minerals. The cat food is also gluten free, hypoallergenic and you have the option of a grain free or grain inclusive diet. By trimming down the list and not using filler ingredients, you're lowering the chances of your cat encountering something that doesn't agree with their tummy. Meals for Meows has plenty of flavour options and kitten formulas to help support your growing felines.

Finding the Right Fit

If your cat has been battling allergies or sensitivities, our limited ingredient formulas from Meals for Meows might just be the answer you've been looking for. But it’s not just for cats with sensitivities, Meals for Meows is for every cat. It's like giving your kitty a menu with only their favourites on it! If you are looking for more products for your sensitive cat, you will find cat cleaning & outdoor items, soft cat beds, and cat shampoo on Pet Shop Direct.

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