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Use Pet Shop Direct to Fulfil Your Pup’s Requirements

At Pet Shop Direct, we believe that your loyal companion deserves only the best. And for this reason, we offer only the highest quality dog mats available in the Australian pet supply industry. Why would you be interested in pet mats? Because they are more versatile than dog beds and, in many cases, can be cheaper. A dog mat is a durable padded bed that can be placed anywhere, allowing your pet to be comfortable no matter the circumstances. Dog mats are ideal for fitting into kennels or crates to add an extra level of comfort. Plus, they are stylish, and their minimalist design can fit the interior design of most households.

Find the Right Choice

What should you look out for when choosing dog mats? Above all else, you need to ensure it is manufactured from quality materials that are easy to wash and have high durability. The size of the mat should also be taken into account. The Bono Fido dog mats have zip off covers making them easy to clean and have thick firm inserts to support any size pup. There are two versions a summer and a winter with woolen fleece for an extra layer of warmth. Our website has plenty of products for you to choose from, and we are available for any questions you may have.

Look at Our Oher Products as Well

If you love animals and your household is filled with all different species, then you will be interested in our range of products for every animal. Are you the owner of a cat? In that case, you might be interested in our cat bowls or cat grooming tools. Or maybe you have a bird and need cage covers or beak care solutions. Our site is staffed by experienced specialists, and their enthusiasm is the driving force behind the impeccable reputation of Pet Shop Direct.

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