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Cat Leads

Create Beautiful Memories with Your Fluffball

Cats love to sleep all day, but when they are not sleeping, they can be mischievous and get up to trouble. Daily movement is necessary for a healthy life, and can help to release some of their built up energy from being inside all day. Exercise can prevent obesity, unwanted behaviours and boredom from being indoors. Unlike dogs, cats can be harder to train so leads are a safe option. The selection of quality cat leads available on Pet Shop Direct could be the ideal tool for you to enjoy some quality time in the company of your kitty. Moreover, a cat lead could be the perfect accessory to take your cat to explore the Australian wilderness.

They Are More Flexible

Cat leads are flexible and versatile accessories that most cats will successfully tolerate. Walking your cat on a lead allows you to strengthen the bond between you and your pet and creates a sense of harmony. Walking your cat can provide your cat with mental stimulation which is ideal for indoors cats who can be prone to boredom. We have an extensive collection of cat leads available on the Australian market, and our products are always ready to meet your needs.

Do Not Stop at Leashes

Pets need a wide range of products and accessories to stay happy and healthy, as do all other pets. Are you interested in cat feeders & fountains? Or maybe travel accessories for your tiny kitty? Are you in dire need of a high-quality cat scratching post? Or you may be looking for a top-quality flea treatment for your dog. Whatever it is you are looking for; our website will surely have it. Our staff are highly trained and can help you identify and resolve any potential concerns you may have.

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