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Aquarium Spare Parts

Always Be Prepared

Unfortunately, fish tank accessories can malfunction or break from time to time and it is always best to be prepared in these situations. That’s why at Pet Shop Direct, we stock a range of spare parts of popular tanks, filters, air pumps and light units. Keeping spare parts at home can be a fast solution in emergencies. Are you the owner of the aqua one fish tank and want to be one step ahead of maintenance worries? Then look at our selection of spare parts for aqua one fish tank.

It’s a Matter of Availability

Aquariums are fragile ecosystems that require many moving parts to function correctly, and if a tiny mechanism in the tank malfunctions, the whole system could suffer. In these situations, it is important to act quickly to prevent any deaths of your fish. At Pet Shop Direct we keep high stock of fish tank spare parts and are always ready to send them out quickly because we know how important they can be. Our state-of-the-art shipping network will ensure you receive your spare parts as soon as possible. Whether you need elbow adaptors and an impellor for your aqua one tank or a light globe for your light unit, we have what you need.

How about Some Unusual Supplies?

Pet Shop Direct is home to the most diverse dog and cat products on the Australian market, however we are also the perfect place to find accessories for your more peculiar pets. Are you a ferret owner? The you will likely want to spoil them with new toys and keep them healthy with high-protein ferret food. Do you want to teach your pet to do tricks? Then you will need some treats, and perhaps even some toys. Are you looking for a carrier to bring your ferret to the vet or on car trips? Then you've come to the right website. Pet Shop Direct prides itself on the diverse collections we feature, and we are constantly looking for ways to take our products to the next level.


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