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Feed Your Cat Even When You’re Away

We lead complicated lives, and because of this, we may not always be around when our pets need feeding. Investing in a cat feeder can benefit your companion's health by allowing them to have a regular meal schedule. Does your cat have kidney problems and need increased hydration? Then buying a cat fountain might be necessary for the health of your fluffball. Or maybe you are going away over the weekend, then a smart cat feeder or fountain may be ideal to monitor your cats feeding from your phone. On Pet Shop Direct, we have some of the most varied range of products available on the Australian market, and you can be sure to find the perfect cat fountain or feeder for your needs.

Why Invest in These Tools?

A cat feeder and fountain can free up your time while being a healthier option for your cat. A consistent feeding schedule is essential for keeping your silent friend on a daily routine, and a cat feeder can make this much easier. An automatic pet feeder will provide your pet with only the amount of food needed for adequate nutritional intake, which can be beneficial if your cat suffers from obesity. On the other hand, a cat water fountain can be a tool to encourage optimal hydration. Some cats only like to drink from flowing water. The fountain's flow naturally oxygenates the water, which can make it more attractive to your fluffball.

Discover a Wide Array of Products

Whether you need a feeder or a cat drinking fountain, our website can provide the products you need at a great price. But our selection continues beyond products for your cat. From tethering products and puppy pens to bird perches and bird hand-rearing tools, our website can provide the products you need. If you have any questions feel free to ask our trained staff and they will be eager to help you out!

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