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Cat Grooming

Brush the Fur of Your Feline Friend

Being a pet owner means that it is your responsibility to care for them and their needs. One of the most important aspects of caring for your furry friend’s health is the maintenance of their coat, so cat grooming accessories can be crucial. Cats, especially ones with longer fur shed a lot and can have matted fur so a brush or deshedding tool can help drastically. Does your cat have sharp claws which cause havoc to your furniture and your skin? Then you will be interesting in our range of cat nail clippers. Cat grooming tools can allow you to have bonding moments with your pet while keeping them happy and healthy.

From Tail to Toes

Cats are independent creatures that can typically care for their own grooming needs. But sometimes they may need a little help, especially when living indoors. Do you find that your furniture is always covered in their fur? The you should look at the Furminator DeShedding tools which can reduce shedding up to 90%. We have all sorts of wipes for eyes, ears, tushie and all over which are ideal for cleaning sensitive areas and preventing irritation and infection. If you find your cats fur has bad odours, then you will be interested in the refreshing Daily Spritz sprays. You ask, and we will deliver because at Pet Shop Direct, we have everything you could want for your pet.

Never Run Out of Supplies

You are responsible; therefore, you are most likely always looking for the necessary accessories to support your pet's development. And our website can be the ideal place for your needs. Are you a dog owner? Then our selection of dog food or dog treats may be suitable for your furry friend. Or maybe you are looking for more accessories for your cat? Then our cat toys or beds may be just what you need. Pet Shop Direct is well known for the vast selection of products we offer to the Australian public, and our stock is constantly updated to ensure our range satisfies our customers.

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