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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Grooming

Invest in Premium Small Animal Grooming Accessories

Rabbit and guinea pigs are great family pets who create close bonds with their owners. In order to keep your pet happy and healthy; it is important to maintain the condition of their coat and trim their nails regularly. Rabbits and guinea pigs with longer fur tend to need more attention as they are more likely to become tangled and matted if not maintained. On Pet Shop Direct you will find all the grooming tools you need to keep your pet well maintained. The grooming accessories we sell are all of the highest quality, from well known brands. Find everything you need in one place at low prices you can afford.

Invest in Your Pet’s Health

Grooming your rabbit or guinea pig is vital to protect them from ingesting too much fur which can lead to intestinal blockages and can be fatal. Excessive shedding can lead to matting and discomfort. So, by regularly grooming them, you can ensure your small pet stays happy. Like other animals, rabbits use grooming in the wild to enhance their social relationships. So, grooming can be a bonding experience between you and your rabbit or guinea pig. Shampoos for rabbits and guinea pigs should only be used in situations where they cannot groom themselves as regular shampooing can be harmful and being having wet fur can lead to diseases like pneumonia. Nail clipping is very important for rabbits and guinea pigs because overgrown nails can be extremely painful. Our selection of nail clippers and grinders allow you to easily and safely clip their nails. Browse our website for the best grooming brushes, shampoos and nail clippers money can buy and invest in your rabbit’s health.

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Why would you buy pet supplies from Pet Shop Direct? One word: affordability. Our site features some of the best deals on the Australian market, and our prices are set the lowest they to meet the needs of our customers. Are you interested in buying pond accessories or aquarium salt? Then you are in the right place. Are you looking for premium rat parasite control solutions or toiletries? Then we are the perfect place for your needs. Pet Shop Direct is one of the most renowned online pet shops in the southern hemisphere, and our diverse selection of products and accessories has made us a reputable pet supply store.

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