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Frontline Dog

Frontline Magic: The Science and Efficiency of Premier Flea Defence

Hey, pet friends! Frontline Dog has become synonymous with top-tier flea protection, and let’s break down why. Have you ever pondered over the 'magic potion' inside Frontline flea treatment for dogs that gets those irritating fleas to scurry? It’s a combo of science and, dare we say, love for our furry pals. From the widely loved Frontline Plus for dogs to the all-encompassing Frontline Spray for dogs & cats, this range ensures your pet's playtime isn't interrupted by pesky itches. Frontline Plus protects dogs against fleas and ticks, including paralysis ticks in an easy-to-use spot-on treatment.

The Science Behind Every Drop

It’s not just about killing fleas; it’s about keeping them away. The beauty of Frontline Dogs lies in its preventive and curative approach, targeting fleas at every life stage. The precision and care in each product ensure that when your pup runs around the backyard, they are shielded from those nasty invaders. Frontline Plus kills fleas rapidly and is safe for puppies after 8 weeks of age, and dogs who are pregnant, breeding or lactating. It can be applied every two weeks for protection against paralysis ticks, or every 4 weeks to protect against fleas and ticks. Frontline spray can be used on puppies from 2 days old and can be applied every 12 weeks to prevent against fleas. To prevent against paralysis ticks, apply every three weeks and for brown dog ticks, apply monthly.

Where Pet Care Meets Convenience

Hop into our pet world, and you're met with rows upon rows of everything your pet dreams of. Our massive online store is packed with essentials and luxuries alike. Need a comfy Dog Bed for your puppy's nap time? We have it. How about Dog Clippers for grooming sessions or a stylish Dog Coat & Vest for those chilly morning walks? Check and check. Plus, we've got your back on with fancy Dog Doors. Our promise? Swift deliveries and a team as passionate about pets as you are. Paws up, and happy shopping!

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