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Cat Litter Trays & Boxes

Choosing the Right Cat Litter Tray

There are so many litter tray options out there so it can be hard to choose the best one for your space and your cat. Larger cat litter trays are ideal if you have a giant breed or multiple cats. On the other hand, a small cat litter box may better suit your needs if you have limited space or a small cat. The enclosed cat litter box, also known as the hooded litter box, gives your furry friend a private place to do their business, contains odours and prevents mess from spreading throughout the house They are typically easy to clean and come in various colours and styles to blend into your home decor. If you are after something more innovative, we have the Petsafe Scoopfree Self Cleaning Litter Box which allows you to simply plug it in and never scoop again!

Check Out Our Selection of Anti-Tracking Mats

Beyond the box itself, there are other essential items that we can offer you such as cat litter scoops, refill packs and cat litter mats. Litter mats are placed underneath the tray to prevent shifting, capture particles off your kitten's paws, and make cleaning faster and easier. Litter tray liners are designed to make cleaning up easy and prevent waste from getting stuck to the base of the tray. We also have products which will break down and eliminate odours such as the Trouble & Trix No More Litterbox Odours and Kit Cat Sprinkles.

Ensure Your Pet's Comfort with Our Top Products

At Pet Shop Direct, you can find everything your furry friend needs in one convenient place. We carry electric clippers, behavioural solutions, cleaning–odour sprays, grooming items, medications and more. Not only do we have everything you need to keep your cat healthy and happy, but we also offer a wide variety supplies for dogs, birds, reptiles, rabbits, and other animals. So, browse our collection today and get all the supplies you need for your precious pets at affordable prices!

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