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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Bedding

Make Your Small Animals Comfortable

Being an owner of a rabbit or guinea pig, you will likely want to keep them warm and comfortable. That’s where our premium bedding offers come in. At Pet Shop Direct you will find variety in the types of bedding for your small pet. Bedding helps to keep your pet stay warm and comfortable, and is especially important in winter or if your rabbits or guinea pigs live outdoors. Bedding materials must also be non-toxic as rabbits love to chew and shred their bedding. If you are looking for something to keep them even warmer on cold winter nights, then have a look at our heat pads! Many common options for bedding include straw, wood shavings, compressed recycled paper, hemp and wood pulp.

Invest in Premium Products

Are you interested in rabbit and guinea pig bedding which is super absorbent and requires less changing? Then Back 2 Nature is a great option. Or maybe you are someone who is looking to save a dollar, then our bulk straw and wood shaving bales are what you need. Carefresh is made from wood pulp and is a super soft, comfortable option to keep your rabbit happy and warm. Whether your small pet lives indoors or outdoors we have a bedding which will be suitable for you. It’s a good idea to have a different material for bedding and litter trays so it is distinguishable to your rabbit or guinea pig. Straw and pelletized bedding is a great option for a litter tray. Invest in a high-quality bedding to keep your rabbit or guinea pig happy and healthy.

Discover Our Other Products Selection

Pet Shop Direct offers the best bedding for guinea pigs & rabbits on the Australian market. But our product selections continue beyond there. Are you looking for high-quality bird nets or sand & grit? Then Pet Shop Direct could be the ideal place to meet your bird's needs. Do you own a more exotic pet, such as an Iguana? Then perhaps you are looking for temperature control accessories or reptile starter kits. Our website has all the products and accessories you need, and our unrivalled offers have made us an authority in the Australian pet market. Our products are always in stock, our staff are always ready to answer your questions.

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