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Give a Dental Chew to Your Dog

The dental health of your fluffy friend is essential, and without dental chews, their teeth and gums can be affected by plaque buildup as they age. Whimzees are a cruelty-free alternative to other dog treats and dental aids with only 6 key ingredients. They are natural dental chews made in different shapes, colours and sizes to suit your dog. They help to freshen breath, prevent oral diseases and are made with no artificial ingredients, additives or fillers. Whimzees are vegetarian, grain and gluten free, made in the Netherlands.

It’s All About Prevention

A puppy will most likely not suffer from dental problems, but as they age, dental and gum issues can occur more and more often, and in the worst case, may even lead to infection or tooth loss. Whimzees dog treats are perfect for removing the calculus that builds up behind your dog's teeth and freshening their breath. In addition, Whimzees are ideal for dogs currently teething, as they allow them to focus their energy on treats that give them the proper nutritional intake while caring for their teeth. But you may want something a little more thorough. In that case, you can try the Nylabone toothbrush and toothpaste. The decision is yours, just browse through our products and decide today!

Buy All the Products You Require

Why shop on Pet Shop Direct? Because our stock is refreshed every day, and our collections are vast with any product you might need. We offer fast shipping with offers processed every day. We take care in providing you the best stock possible and ensure everything is up to standard before it goes to its new home. Besides dog treats we also stock bird products like bird diapers and nail & beak care. Or perhaps you are the owner of a more exotic pet. Then you may need some treats for your ferret or an enclosure for your hermit crab. We have what you need and more. We benefit from a state-of-the-art chain supply, which is why we'll always stock all the products you need for optimal pet care.

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