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Mouse & Rat Food

Make Your Mice & Rats Part of Your Household

Mice and rats are fun pets and very social animals that can create life long memories with your family and children. They are the ideal pet for young children as they are very easy to care for and quickly become an important part of your household. But in order to be happy and healthy, they need to have a good diet of high-quality food. Our website is home to some of the most comprehensive selections of mouse and rat food on the Australian market from leading brands such as Oxbow and Vetafarm.

What to Look Out for?

The diet of a rat or mice is very similar to that of a human. They are omnivorous animals that eat both vegetables and meat. The ideal food has an ideal balance of carbohydrates, protein and fibre. When looking for a mouse or rat food, it is important to buy from a reputable manufacturer, as these are specifically designed to meet your small pets’ nutritional needs. By browsing our website, you will be sure to find the perfect food for your mouse or rat as we pride ourselves on our diverse selection of high-quality brands.

Not Only for Rats

At Pet Shop Direct, we sell a variety of products for all types of pets, which is why we are the ideal place for your pet supply needs. Have you found the perfect food for your rat or mouse? Then you will probably want to discover the products and accessories that we sell for your other pets. Does your dog always get into trouble? Then you should buy a dog first aid kit. Or maybe you have a mature cat who has difficulty climbing into your bed? Then you could invest in a pet ramp. Are you thinking of buying a puppy? Then you'll need a puppy pen or some training pads. At Pet Shop Direct, we have all the products you need, and our prices are unrivalled on the Australian market.

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