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Fish Tank Gravel

Why Purchase Gravel for Your Aquarium?

Because gravel makes your tank look beautiful. Fish tank gravel is a staple of a well-kept aquarium, and premium gravel purchased from a reputable online pet store such as Pet Shop Direct could help you match the aesthetic, design vision of your room. Whether you want to create a natural or minimalistic looking tank, or a fun theme with the brightest colours, we have it all. Gravel is also important for the health of your fish and their tank. Aquarium gravel can provide a pleasant refuge for bottom-dwelling fish, and provide the right environment for healthy bacteria.

Enhance the Well-Being of Your Fish

Whichever colour gravel you choose, the result is the same: A healthier environment for your fish. Why? Because fish tank gravel can act as a natural filtration system by being a breeding ground for good bacteria. This helps in cycling your fish tank to remove ammonia and convert nitrates into less toxic compounds. Gravel can make it easier to maintain your aquarium and prevent an accumulation of fish waste directly on the bottom of the tank. Maybe your aquarium is filled with shrimp or plants, then you will be interested in Fluval Stratum which stimulates the growth of plants. Our website is home to various gravel types designed for aquatic use, and our collections are continually being expanded to keep pace with market demands.

What If I Am the Owner of a Small Animal?

In that case, our website is perfect for your needs. Are you looking for a rabbit house where your adorable friend can feel safe?  Or maybe your small pet has just given birth, and you need nursing accessories so the litter can grow to be healthy adults. Either way we've got you covered. And the same goes if you need a sturdy carrier or grooming supplies. Our website is home to some of the most diverse accessories on the Australian market, and we're constantly looking for ways to improve our service to our loyal customers.


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