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Cat Collars & Harnesses & Lead

Explore the Wilderness of Australia Together with Your Kitty

Your cat is a natural born explorer, but chances are she is not trained to listen to your commands. A cat harness allows you to walk your cat while keeping them safe and leaving you in control. Our selection of cat harnesses and cat leads give you the freedom to create unforgettable experiences and bond with your pet. Cats need fresh air, movement and interactions with other people and animals to develop correctly, so a cat harness can be a must-have accessory in a pet owner's bag. A proper cat harness is the safer option when walking your cat outdoors compared to a cat collar to ensure they do not choke, become entangled or escape.

Are You Searching for Something Specific?

Cat collars can be a crucial accessory for your cat, especially when they are outdoors or if you have an escape artist of a cat. You can attach identification tags in case they get lost or bells to scare away potential prey and preserve the native wildlife. Our website has plenty of options to choose from so you’ll be sure to find the perfect collar for your cat. Maybe you are looking for a cat lead which gives your cat flexibility while being durable and leaving you in control. Then you may want to look at our retractable cat leads. If you are looking for a way to stop your cat from slipping on the tiles or getting their dirty paws over your new furniture, then you may want to invest in pet socks.  

Our Products Are Always in Stock

If you are someone who has all different types of pets, you’ll need premium accessories to care for them and our website is the ideal place for your search. Do you need fish tank spare parts or medication for your goldfish? Then you have come to the right place. And the same applies if you want to find plant care solutions and water conditioners. From fish and hermit crabs to dogs and cats, our range of products caters to all pets, and we are constantly looking for ways to expand our product range.


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