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Change the Behaviour of Your Cat

Cats are adorable creatures who are affectionate and playful, however underneath all this lies a formidable hunter which can come out in the most inopportune times. Cats have not been domesticated the same way as dogs and therefore can present characteristics that aren’t in tune with household living. Modifying your cat’s behaviour can help them adjust to household living making them happier and friendlier. So how do you do this? You can either redirect the behaviour by providing scratch posts and toys where they can display their inner natural hunter or for more persistent cats use products which leads your cat to form a negative association with that certain behaviour. This is called remote correction and works by connecting an unpleasant experience such as adverse textures, smells, tastes or sounds with the unwanted behaviour.

Look for an Efficient Spray

There are a number of products which help to prevent undesirable behaviours. By redirecting your cat to perform natural behaviours like scratching on posts and boards instead of your new couch, you can easily change these behaviours. You can use a catnip spray to stimulate exercise and play while enticing them to scratch in the correct areas. Clicker training is a great way to reward these behaviours by creating positive associations. On the other hand, no scratch sprays with bittering agents have a blend of essential oils which are unpleasant to cats and can be sprayed on areas you don’t want them to scratch. Do you have a particularly anxious cat? Then you may want to try Feliway which uses pheromones to create a sense of safety and familiarity. This is especially helpful in new environments or when travelling. Our website has all these products and more, and we invite you to look at our carefully selected collections curated by our passionate employees.

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If you only want the best for your pet, you are likely to be interested in the vast number of items we have available on our website. Pet Shop Direct is the premiere destination for your pet supply needs, with our website featuring almost everything from dog doors, first aid kits and puppy pens to poultry feeders. Our website has grown enormously in recent years, as has our reputation with the Australian public. Our reputation is synonymous with success, and our state-of-the-art product collections are proof of our dedication to success.


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