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Aquarium Salt

Buy the Best Tank Salt for Your Aquatic Friends

At first glance, salt and fish might seem like an unfortunate pairing, but in reality, aquarium salt is one of the most important purchases you can make for the well-being of your aquatic friends. Aquarium salt is made from evaporated sea water and provides electrolytes allowing fish to breathe easier by promoting gill function and remain healthy, increasing their vitality. Salt is a great way to reduce stress when doing water changes or starting a new aquarium. The electrolytes help to promote disease recovery, facilitate osmoregulation and improve overall health. Salt can decrease the incidence of common fish diseases and may prevent the impact of external parasites on your fish tank.

It’s a Matter of Balance

But what if you are looking for salt for your marine fish or coral? Then we have you covered with our synthetic and reef salts. They are formulated to keep your marine tank water as close to natural sea water as possible. Our sea salt comes from reputable brands which aim to provide the highest quality possible with all the necessary minerals for the wellbeing and growth of your marine coral and fish. Receive your products quickly with our state of the art network and find exactly what you need at affordable prices.

What About Livestock Supplies?

Many Australians keep poultry in their backyard, and need quality supplies to care for them. If this is you, then you will be interested in our range of accessories and supplies like feeder & waterers for your poultry/ Are you concerned about the recent cases of transmissible bird diseases reported on the Australian mainland? Put your worries to rest with our range of reputable poultry medications. Do you need nesting materials or wormers? Then we have the products you need. Our website is always updated with the newest products on the Australian market, and we work hard to keep our loyal customers happy.

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